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[October 12] The official APP of 2017 TSAPS Annual Meeting has been released for downloading.
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[September 30] The early bird registration is extended to October 15, 2017. Take your chance to enjoy your early bird discount!

[September 22] First time come to Taiwan?
Details of City Tour are now available.
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[September 18] The abstracts submission deadline is extended to September 22.

[September 12] 醫事人員教育學分-台灣美容外科醫學會:60學分,其他相關醫學會陸續申請中,歡迎大家踴躍報名!

[September 5] The abstracts submission deadline is extended to September 15.

Important Dates
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2017 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (TSAPS), which will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from Nov. 11-12, 2017, we sincerely invite you to attend the meeting with us.

The TSAPS Annual Meeting has been taking place since1994. Over the years, the TSAPS Annual Meeting has become an important event in the areas of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Taiwan, and the attendees often exceed 400 and more. This year, Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the first-time to hold a large International Conference in the past twenty-three years. It will bring together many renowned speakers from the United States, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and China, to focus on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The scientific program of this year will include two-day lectures, including various topics and diverse clinical insights. E-Poster sessions will also be planned to highlight original and innovative ideas.

The goal of this annual meeting is to inspire creative research in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and, most importantly, to encourage young scientists in Asian and other regions to promote their research results. Science and technology have made rapid progress in recent years. To inspire and to foster originality, our emphasis is to invite more scientists all over the world to attend this annual meeting.

This is also a great time to welcome you to visit beautiful Taiwan and experience its multifaceted culture and the hospitality of its people. Taiwan is an exciting destination for travelers from all parts of the world, with its lively and vibrant cities. Its countryside of soaring mountains, deep, lush valleys, and the delicious cuisine has no rival for its variety.

We believe your participation will ensure a big success of 2017 TSAPS Annual Meeting.

Sincerely yours,
Su-Ben Tsao, MD. EMBA
Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Secretariat of 2017 TSAPS Annual Meeting
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